A huge percentage of top free Android and iOS apps have found to pose some risk to users. It is always safe to know ways to protect yourself from free apps and prevent your personal data from being used. PROTECT YOUR PHONE FROM FREE APPS.

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  1. Be careful of what you install
    You might be asked to grant various permissions of an app. However, when you are granting permission to a free app, make sure you review the permissions first. For example, if you download a calculator, it does not make sense for the calculator to access your photos, contacts and other mobile data. Sometimes, just some common sense can save your personal data from being monetized.
  2. Stay updated
    Install your mobile updates as soon as they are available. Updating can be a gruesome process and can hamper your activities, but the updates are usually packaged with security updates that are essential in ensuring safety against unauthorized access of data.
  3. Review your installed applications
    You might have at some point in time, given unnecessary permissions to some free apps that you have downloaded. Review the installed applications and the permissions provided to them from time to time. Changing and reviewing application permissions can prevent the misuse of your personal data.